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"But the seed


on good soil

refers to someone

who hears

the Word

and understands it.

This is the one who produces a crop, yielding

a hundred,

sixty or thirty times what was sown.” 

- Matthew 13:23

What does it mean to cultivate a relationship with God? One that doesn’t wither in drought or the elements of the world, one that is carefully formed and intentionally grown and will reap fruitfulness and produce a harvest field of crops?

We believe that it starts from the ground up, more specifically, the soil.

We’re praying that this will be a time to prepare our hearts for the coming seasons and that with each session we will be pressing in to what the Lord has for us. We believe that camps are so special because not only are we surrounded by a community who is like minded in pursuing Christ, but as we open our hearts to hear from Him, God is good to reveal His glory!


So don’t wait! Register yourself, invite your friends who don’t know God, and get hyped for an awesome time of cultivating our relationship with God!

Orchard Glory Farm Resort

21 - 24 January

41 Mooliabeenee Road, Mooliabeenee

Early Bird - $125.50

15 - 31 October

Regular - $145.50

1 November onwards

Cost includes 3 dinners, lunches and subsequent lunch grocery costs will be sorted out amongst chalets as there are cooking facilities in each chalet. If you are in need of clarification, please contact us at the details below.

Each camp, with your generosity, we are able to subsidise the cost of tickets especially for our youth and their families who are experiencing financial hardships. We want anyone to be able to experience God through camps and in your donation you can help to make that possible. If you would like to donate towards this camp please feel free to add it when buying a camp ticket for your youth or email us below to find out how you can give!

21 Jan at 2pm

Drop Off:

1 Todtiana Close

Pick Up:

24 Jan at 12.45pm

1 Todtiana Close

Questions or concerns? Contact us at:

0478 626 700

Check back here for updates!