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God calls us to embrace a missional heart in all aspects of life, whether it be at home, with family, friends, church, and our workplace

Perspectives also collaborates with The Platform, a non-profit organisation whose vision is to connect people and purpose for good — through community and events.


For those interested in participating in the worshops or serving as a volunteer, please fill up the form below so that we can connect with you. Keep a look out at this space for future workshops coming to you soon!

Our marketplace arm, Perspectives, aims to bring forth intentional discipleship to help us cultivate a missional heart for God in the marketplace. These workshops will cover:

  • Discovering what marketplace ministry looks like practically.

  • Reflecting on our relationship with Christ to approach workplaces aligned with Jesus's purpose, ensuring that witnessing stems from a genuine desire to love others.

  • Developing practical social skills on how to intentionally build intimate workplace relationships.

  • Learning non-forced, non-confrontational ways to share the gospel in the workplace.

  • Discussing barriers that we may face that hinder us from being missional and Christ-like.

We want to achieve this through our workshops by inspiring, equipping and encouraging our members by providing a fresh perspective on what it means to have a missional heart for God. We want our workshops to provide a meaningful and engaging space for our attendees to openly share and discuss their marketplace journey with one another so that all who attend may grow from one another’s experience.

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