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Ps. Benny Ho

Senior Pastor


Pastor Benny Ho has seen a lifetime of ministry; including missions work with World Vision, planting bible schools around Asia, and over twenty years as a pastor in the local church.

He is the founder of Arrows College, a teaching and resource ministry to the broader body of Christ, and is the leader of D-Net, a network of churches that carry the mandate of being intentional disciple-making cell churches.

Pastor Benny is passionate about expository preaching and has a life goal of preaching through every book of the Bible. As the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church, Pastor Benny is known for his down-to-earth humour and approachable leadership style. He is married to his biggest supporter, Cecilia, and is the proud father of three; Joel, Abigail and Rachel. He also takes joy in being grandfather to Zoe.

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Ps. Sin Giap Teo

Adults Ministry

Ps. Dan Yan

Next Generation Ministries

Ps. Chi Kong & Ps Kitty Ng

Chinese Church

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Ps. Chandra Sekaran

City Campus

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Nicholette Chew & Jeannette Ho

Faith Kids

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Ps. Siska Sands &
Ps. Joy Low

Kinetic | Youth

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Ps. Arthur Lai

Vibe | Tertiary Students

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Seth & Nora Green

Impact | Young Working Adults