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Going Missional in

When we went to the rehabilitation clinic, I felt so sad about the way the residents lived. We had a chance to talk with them, and they told us that they didn't get any support from the clinic to overcome their addiction, had no medical help if they weren't well, and were always locked in their rooms. No time indicated when they will be going home. Some of them didn't do drugs but were put in rehabilitation. They were treated like inmates. While we were there to do medical missions, our prayer team felt a stronghold of a spirit. They have a few big idols in there, but we believe our God is a living God and that the idols will not win over us. We saw inmates healed, some of them were revived and believed in God. They were eager to read more about God and wanted to pray. God is a living God. No one or thing can stop His Glory.

Lily Lee

12 March 2023

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