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Going Missional in

In Dec 2019, I went on my first medical mission trip to Cambodia. We visited our church plant FCC Roong and met Pastor John and his wife, Christina. We also partnered with New Life Fellowship Cambodia, which organised the medications, medical supplies and transport, and that was where we met Donnie (head of the healing ministry), Tey, Rina and Dara.

Almost three years later, I finally had the opportunity to meet them again, and they bore their hearts and told us all that happened before, during and after the covid outbreak…family members passed away from covid and lack of medical facilities, church numbers dwindled as international companies (who made Sunday a work day) set up factories in the province, financial difficulties despite new job opportunities and no frequent support for children's education were just a couple amongst the many hardships they and their families and friends face.

Despite all these things, their faith in God never diminished. They still proclaim that He is King and sovereign, and their heart and passion for seeing their people saved remains. Ps John and his team worked tirelessly to update their processes and started English, Music and Youth programs to meet the needs of their village that runs from Monday - Friday, fellowship football on Saturdays and church services on Sundays (sometimes Thursday nights for those who work on Sundays). Donnie and his team were still organising medical outreaches within Cambodia. Dara just married and had a newborn whilst Donnie and Rina, alongside their wives, were raising children ages 10 and below. All of them were present and ready to serve their people and us on this medical mission trip. They guided us and did life together with us over the short nine days.

It has been a privilege to be able to witness their servant heart for their people, their complete reliance on the Lord for their every need, and their faithfulness in doing God's work every single day. There's not enough words to explain the goodness of our God and to share the lives of these courageous and passionate women and men of God but I hope that you, just like me, would be inspired to spread the gospel and seek after God's heart always.

Charis Kay

12 March 2023

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