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Going Missional in

On day 5 of our mission trip in Cambodia, everyone in the team felt like we were going into a big battle. Our team visited a drug rehabilitation house, and while the gate closed after we went in, it felt like we had been locked in the lion's den. There were lots of idols surrounding us. We were told there were over 150 residents for us to see. While they were lining up, I saw no glimpses of smiles in their eyes. Only loneliness and hopelessness. We sang worship and praises to Jesus, and listened to a message delivered by Steph. Jesus is our living water, our forever hope. We trusted the Lord had begun a great work in the residents' hearts. Our God is great and almighty. Nothing can stop Him. We have 4 translators, helping the entire medical team with prayers tirelessly for almost 6 hours. Many received Christ as their personal Saviour and wanted to read the Bible. For those who couldn't read, they asked their friends to read it to them. I witnessed God's mighty hand on people's hearts and saw their hunger for the living water and the bread of life.

Thank God for giving us the authority and strength to pray for the people and lead them to Christ. I saw them receive Christ as the Lord their God, and the joy of the Lord was shown on their faces, all glory to God. 🙌

Karren Han

12 March 2023

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