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Going Missional in

During our visit to a drug rehab centre in Cambodia, I got to pray for a young lady. She asked for prayer for freedom and healing from her addiction so she could go home. It broke my heart.

In that moment, it really hit me that people seek for things in the world/sin in an attempt to find relief and life, but what they will only find is death and hopelessness. I really felt God's compassion and His heart for them is to return to Him.

I'm really grateful that God allowed our team to serve and bless the people here in Cambodia with our resources. Still, even the food and medical help only provide short-term relief - none of that would last.

The best thing we could give them is the good news of Jesus and the true living hope that only He can give. Praise God that many had the chance to hear the gospel and received Christ as their personal Saviour on that day! There was a hunger and thirst for the living water. We didn't prepare bibles beforehand, but God had it prepared. We had some children's bibles in Khmer language left over from the day before, and we were able to give it out to the residents. It was even better than a normal bible because some of them can't read, so having colourful pictures was great! We trust that God has begun a great work in that centre and pray that He will continue to speak life and hope in that place.

Grace Chan

12 March 2023

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