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Going Missional in

As a mission team to Cambodia, we were to bring with us 7 wheelchair for kids packed in boxes each weighing 28kgs. The team pooled our check-in luggage allowances together but it was barely enough. So we reached out to the airline and request for a compassionate waiver. The team prayed and followed up with emails and calls but we did not seem to get anywhere. As the days passed by and turned into weeks, more issues arose including the possibility that we may not be able to pool our check in allowance as we bought our tickets separately. When we picked up the boxes of wheelchairs, we realisedrealised that they were oversized for check in as well! So the bad became worse and we were prepared to fork out hundreds of dollars for the excess. However we wouldn't know how much it will cost until we check in and we may not have enough funds. We were very concerned that the deadline for early purchase of additional check in allowance was drawing near and it was a make it or break it moment. And with just 4 days before the flight and with prayer requests going through the various Connect Groups, the airline responded and granted us a waiver! It was not just a waiver but a full waiver of nearly 200kg! Upon calculation, this amounted to USD23/kg x 196kg = USD4,500 = AUD6,720!! The mission team was so amazed and stunted by the outcome. 😭 Praise God! Where it seems like there is no way, God made a way at His perfect timing. He is indeed good! 🙏

Judah Lim

12 March 2023

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