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Going Missional in

We brought 7 wheelchairs for the kids in Cambodia. Before our trip, we were advised not to make Cambodia Customs attention to our 7 x wheelchair large boxes.

The plan was for each couple to push out 1 box at different times.

However, the plan changed as large boxes of wheelchairs were still in Singapore. The Missing Baggage department asked us to come back later to pick up.

I was the only one able to claim as all 7 wheelchairs as they were checked-in under my name during the group check-in.

When the time arose for us to collect the boxes, they only allowed me to re-enter the inside of the airport before customs to collect the boxes from the Missing Baggage counter.

Then suddenly, I was in fear as I needed to stack all boxes on 1 trolley as I was not able to push 2 trolleys at a time through customs.

I prayed to God to protect me from the customs officers stopping me as I tried to push my trolley through the nothing to declare lane.

As I walked towards the nothing to declare lane, the customs officer stopped me and asked me to put the boxes through the scanning device 1 box at a time.

I was so nervous as I placed the first box on the conveyor belt. I kept praying for protection from customs.

It was by God's miracle that after the 1st box, the customs hand signalled me to not load the 2nd box on the conveyor and asked me to go around the scanning device. They gave me a good-to-go hand signal. I quickly stacked the 1st box back on the trolley and made a dash to the airport's exit.

Enrika Boon

12 March 2023

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