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Going Missional in

The past few months have been very challenging for me mentally and spiritually. I almost pulled out of the mission trip because I felt like there's nothing I could give.

God was challenging my preconceived ideas on how a "perfect" mission team/trip would look like and the expectations that I had on myself in order to be used by him. I struggled because it looked nothing like what I expected. But in fact, God needed to strip everything back so that I could serve Him with humility and surrender.

Even though I still didn't feel ready, I'm thankful that I decided to go in the end.

I'm very grateful to be a part of what God has done during the mission trip - to provide medical help as His hands and feet, and more importantly to tell people about the good news of Jesus. Praise God! We saw many physical healings and many souls saved! It's truly an eye opening experience to see God at work through each of us. I'm reminded that God doesn't need me to be ready/perfect, he only wants me to be willing and dependent on Him.

God has also been very gracious and provided me with the team that's just what I needed. The words spoken to me and prayers by the team members have really ministered to me personally.

I went to the trip feeling depleted and emptied, but God has began a work of healing and restoration in me through the trip. I believe he will continue to restore me and will use this valley season for His purpose and glory.

Grace Chan

12 March 2023

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