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Going Missional in

During the fourth and final day of the medical portion of our trip, I was feeling tired, maybe burnt out, the heavy idol presence in the place didn't help either. It was a tough day for the team and I really felt it. As we were saying our goodbyes to the medical team that helped us, the Doctor spoke into my life. He assured me that God sees my heart, that I have been anointed by Him to be the head of the team and my family, and that I am a weapon for God (which came up 3 times that day through different people). This hit me somewhere deep inside, and I started crying. I felt assured that God had heard my cry and my heart for being a missions leader and that there was something beautiful about coming to the end of myself when I was burnt out and that there is now more room for Him to work.

I first began leading missions because of a revival experience and I recognised that if there was no leader, there is no mission. One aspect of leadership I have been learning about this trip is that it is the most humbling position available on the team. I needed to be willing to take the shirt off my back for anyone anytime, and any glory available could only go back to God. It has been my absolute joy to serve everyone and would gladly do it again!

Allan Lai

12 March 2023

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