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We believe mentoring is one of the most effective ways to engage in discipleship. To journey alongside someone and to have someone journey alongside you is an invaluable part of the discipleship journey.

A mentoring relationship can take many forms. It might be a place to seek wise counsel, get equipped in a particular area of life, or simply to have someone to guide and nurture your faith.

As invaluable as such a relationship is, we understand how challenging it can be to find a mentor and to find someone who wants to be mentored by you. That is why the Mentoring Network exists – to provide a platform for people to connect and establish a mentoring relationship.

If you’re interested in either becoming a mentor or finding a mentor, please fill out a form and we’ll get you connected!

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Would you like to...

be a mentor?

be mentored?


A mentor is a source of advice, encouragement and guidance. They commit to journey alongside someone and to invest their life into another for the purpose of leading that person closer to Christ.

Having someone journey alongside you to encourage, advise, and equip you for life and ministry is invaluable.

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