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“I have seen you in the sanctuary 
  and beheld your power and your glory.” 

PSALM 63:2

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Welcome to SANCTUARY Winter Camp 2023! 

We’re called to be with God, glorifying Him, and enjoying Him in this world, yet sometimes getting there can be tough in a world full of distractions, noise, and demands. So how do we do this? How do we live lives that are filled with His rest and power? Although this world is not our home, we have a hope that even here, God has brought us refreshing, purifying, and empowering times of hiding away in Him. In Sanctuary Winter Camp, we’re going to be learning about how God provides us with this hidden place, a refuge, a sanctuary in Him, where we find we can be built up, strengthened and where we can meet face-to-face with the living God! Come join us as we explore how God refreshes us in His sanctuary! 

We believe that camps are so special because not only are we surrounded by a community who is like-minded in pursuing Christ, but as we open our hearts to hear from Him, God is good to reveal His glory!  

Spots are limited so register now! 

3 – 6 JULY 2023

SWan valley adventure camp

58 Yule Ave, Middle Swan WA 6056 

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COST: $185.50 

If you would like to buy an additional jumper for yourself or a friend (1 jumper already included in each ticket), just email us at the email below! 



drop off — 3 JULY, 2.30PM

1 Todtiana Close, Willetton

pick up — 6 JULY, 12PM

1 Todtiana Close, Willetton

Each camp, with your generosity, we are able to subsidise the cost of tickets especially for our youth and their families who are experiencing financial hardships. We want anyone to be able to experience God through camps and in your donation you can help to make that possible. If you would like to donate towards this camp please feel free to add it when buying a camp ticket for your youth or email us below to find out how you can give! 

If you are experiencing financial hardship but want to come to camp, we want to do what we can to help you come and experience God! Get in contact with us at the details below and we will see if we can help provide subsidies on camp fees. 


Questions or concerns?


CONTACT JOY LOW AT 404 487 311)

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