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summer camp

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John 10:27 says
" My sheep hear my voice;

I know them and they follow me."  


What does it mean to follow Jesus? For Him to know us and for us to be known by Him? How does He do so?  Kinetics' summer camp "GATHERING" will be an exciting time where we will see how He gathers us together to follow Him. We’ll be diving deeper into what these questions mean for us, and prayerfully, for the answers to be a lived reality in all our lives as His children.   

Camps are such a precious time where we can come together with expectancy, with one purpose which is to seek God. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular camper, God has a word for each and every one of you. So get excited and come expectant, our God is on the move!  

41 Mooliabeenee Road, Mooliabeenee

16th – 19th January

Orchard Glory Farm Resort


COST: $165 

Cost includes 3 dinners, lunches and subsequent lunch grocery costs will be sorted out amongst chalets as there are cooking facilities in each chalet. If you are in need of clarification, please contact us at the details below.

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drop off: 16th Jan @ 1.30pm

Faith Community Church (1 Todtiana Close, Willetton)

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pick up: 19th Jan @ 12pm

Faith Community Church (1 Todtiana Close, Willetton)

click the link below to register and find our consent form! consent forms must be handed in either in person or electronically before camp so as to lock in your spot!


Each camp, with your generosity, we are able to subsidise the cost of tickets especially for our youth and their families who are experiencing financial hardships. We want anyone to be able to experience God through camps and in your donation you can help to make that possible. If you would like to donate towards this camp please feel free to add it when buying a camp ticket for your youth or email us below to find out how you can give. 

Questions or concerns? Contact us at:

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